Halal Meat Sources

Alhamdulilah things have been changing in USA, and unlike before we have many Zabiha Halal meat/food suppliers around us in DFW area. i.e. the traditional way of our Prophet Muhammad ( May peace be upon him) of Hand Cut slaughtered animal. You can note the suppliers In-shaa-Allah as the suppliers are common throughout dfw area, And then can call before you purchase meat or prepared food from any location and ask for their source of meat Note: restaurant depot halal meats are not ‘hand slaughter’ but machine slaughtered meats.

Meat Suppliers:

Crescent Chicken

Tahir Chicken

IOWA Poultry

Ross Down

B) Goat/Lamb/Beef Suppliers:

Divine Meats, Irving, Tx ( ph# 972-827-7658) – Goad/Lamb

Al-Hiyah International, Sugar Land Tx, ( ph# 713-291-4626) Goad/Lamb

Triple C Cattle, Reeds, MO ( only for Beef processed at Texas Plant, EST# 7041B)

C) Frozen Goat / Lamb:  mostly at Costco
1.   Australian Goat/ Lamb from Plant numbers 1614, 397 and 533
(written in between “Australia Inspected” sign) other verified plant numbers : 612, 3085, 389, 640, 399, 394, 217, 572

Australian Lamb/Goat if seen in stores like Costco, Kroger ( with Halal Australian label) then verify if its from the slaughter house from the list below of HalaAdvocates ( who personally verified the slaughter houses there)


New Zealand Goad/Lamb if seen in stores like Costco, Kroger ( with Halal New Zealand label) then verify if its from the slaughter house from the list below of HalaAdvocates ( who personally verified the slaughter houses there)


Certified Restaurants / Catering

Irving, Texas:

  1. Texas King  Irving, Tx
  2. Biryani Kabab Factory (Belt Line Rd, Irving, Tx)
  3. Deccan Grill, 183 Airport Freeway, Irving, Tx 
  4. Keller, Tx:
  5.      1. Golden Chick @ North Keller pkwy and Old Denton Rd .. ask for Zabiha Halal when you call or order
  6.      2. Sana Restaurant : they use Tahir Chicken ( verify each time when you buy)

Certified Fresh Meat Stores

DFW Area, TX, businesses: Plano, Texas:


  1. Plano Texas King (Spring Creek Pkwy & Coit), Plano, TX  (PlanoTexasKing)
Frisco, Texas:
     1.   Mirchi Grill, Frisco,TX   (Mirchigrill)
Irving, Texas:
 1.  Deccan Grill, Irving, Tx
 2. Texas King, Irving, Tx

Keller, Tx:

1. Walmart Neighborhood ( most Neighborhood Walmart in Keller and around sell CRESENT HALAL CHICKEN ) in their Chicken section
note: only Cresent Halal chicken is Halal at Neighborhood Walmart and not others.
most DFW Costco, please read Section “C” above for Halal Goat/Lamb at Costco
most Walmart/Neighborhood Walmart carries Crescent Chicken ( check for Crescent and Halal label)
Sort by  Meat Supplier:
Al maida ( both Crescent and Tahir)
Crescent restaurants:
Texas king ( Irving and Plano)
Arabian bites ( Irving)
Noodle wave (Richardson)
Bethak ( Carrollton)
Big guys ( Dallas )
Zam zam fried chicken and burgers (Irving)
Al lazzat (Arlington )
Tahir restaurants
Bkf ( biryani kabab factory) Irving
Deccan grill ( Irving)
Sana ( Watauga)
Olivia pizza n grill ( Plano)
Crescent moon ( Plano)
Tempura (Plano)
Ny eats ( Arlington)
Jimmy’s burgers (Plano)
BBQ king ( Carrollton)
Silver spoon ( Allen)
Zam zam fried chicken and burgers (Irving)
Lahori kabab (plano Coit rd)
if you are a meat provider/Cater food and you want to get listed here.
please contact us, our team will verify your status and will add you to the list.
Jazakumullahu Khairan
has been done with the sole intention of helping the community to fulfill their Zabiha Halal needs.
we respect all other views of Scholars but prefer the Hand Cut Meat.

We also request if you are getting food to the Masjid please make sure that it's from the sources above, to make sure nobody has objection to what you bring.

DFW Area, TX, businesses:Plano, Texas:
  • Crescent Moon (Chinese), Plano, TX (CrescentMoon)
  • Jimmy’s Burger (Independence Pkwy, West Plano) (American), Plano, TX   (Ph: 469-298-3611)
  • Plano Village (Spring Creek Pkwy & Coit) (Indian-Pak), Plano, TX ( PlanoTexasKing )
  • Jimmy’s Big Burgers (14th St & Shiloh, East Plano) (American), Plano, TX  (Ph: 972-423-2611)
  • Chilli Pepper (Catering Only) (Indian-Pak & other)     Plano, TX  (Ph: 972-800-0039)