We plan to resume our Quran School/ Sunday School at KIC in the future Insha’Allah.

We are happy to announce that KIC (Keller Islamic Center) will open a Quran School program for our children to help them
learn the Quran and Islam. To launch the Quran School program successfully we are conducting a survey. Please help us build an excellent environment for your child by answering the questions from the survey. Jazāk Allāhu Khayran.

Please see the power point presentation slides here if you missed our last family night gatherings. 


Dear Brother and Sisters

On behalf of the newly elected Board of Trustees of Keller Islamic Center, I am pleased to share the attached message from our President. If you have questions on the contents of the message, please email me or

Please click to see the Message from KIC President in the attached file

Mohammad Haq

On behalf of the President and BOT